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A Integra Sales person came to my office April 30 2010, gave the dog and pony show, stated how much it would cost. I was planning to move locations, and needed some special features. I was promised 4 T1 lines and high quality internet and phone service. As my plans were to move in June I expressed interest. Within 2 weeks the sales person came in with her supervisor to "CLOSE THE DEAL NOW!!!!", I stated that since I have no need to do this right now, and that I have no idea of the level of service that would be provided I did not expect to have an contract committment of 3 years binding until I experienced the service first hand.

First of all the billing started,

The equipment was delivered and installed but the premise wireing was not performed

I arranged for the premise wireing and accelerated my move.

The Internet speed sucked slower than DSL

The phone service 1/3 people could not hear me, 1/3 of the people I could not hear, the rest of the time the sound was garbled etc...

Dial tones took up to 30 seconds.

I contacted technical support about VPN, was told that they did not support clients re: that subject.

I contacted my sales person, several times re:the bill which was 75-100 more than what I was quoted, I complained about service.

After pounding my head against the wall I switched back to Qwest.

The next thing I know Integra is demanding 20,000.00 in early termination fees and remains billing me 300.00 a month for service that is not being provided.

I know other businesses that were bullied into staying with Integra with this 'termination' fee..

The next step for them is to send it into collections, from the language in the contract they don't even think they need a judgment.

PS I'm being charged 300.00 for a non existant service, 850.00 late pay fee and interest, and a balance of over 20,000.00 for giving these people a chance. This will put me out of buisiness

Product or Service Mentioned: Integra Telecom Internet Service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I canceled my service with Integra and was billed for the following month in which I was with qwest. I was also charged a termination fee of $25 that is not stated in their contract.

I am going to ignore the bill.

When I got a mortgage the banker said a delinquent bill I had with Dex didn't matter. Obviously no on take these types of service providers seriously in regards to credit reports.


I see you are at Qwest now... My Bad.

Eitherway I told one thing and given another with a bit to spare. Since I've changed service to Qwest I would not expect such a veiled and caustic comment.


As a loyal and dedicated telecommunications employee (Integra) I would Expect your response. I have offered to pay for what I've gotten but that is simply not acceptable to your employer.

Now stop surfing and GTW

Dagupan, Cagayan, Philippines #216928

Looks like you really have a handle on your telecom services. 4 T1's, 1 T1 w/4 channels.

All the same to you, right?

I suspect some omissions such as the fact that they wouldn't have moved forward without you signing the contract and comitting to three years. How about taking just an ounce of the responsibilty yourself.

to Brett Brakemeier Tempe, Arizona, United States #786609

I have to add my two cents to your comment about . We were also unfortunate enough to have signed up with Integra for business phones and internet.

The quality of service was poor, the experience with support was horrible and we experienced regular service interruptions for days at a time. The move to change providers and fight the early termination fees simply because using Integra was seriously impacting our ability to conduct business. There is an expectation that when you pay this much for a service that you will not have to fight on a weekly basis to use it.

Personal responsibility is a wonderful thing but if your haven't been a victim of Integra's lack of customer care, be careful how you apply that to people that act out of a need for professional self preservation. Integra is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with in my life and the only recommendation I would ever give them is to a Grand Jury.

NOT Happy Jack
Brington Beach, Victoria County, Trinidad And Tobago #207298

PS It was only 1 T1 with 4 channels..... CREEPS

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