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How about reps who hear the whining all day long... accused of not allowing ports to go through...

as long as all LAWFUL requirements are met, no telecom company can block a port...

how about providing accurate info to begin with

How about the customers who sign a contract and then whine that they didn't read the contract and terms, then want to involve their attorneys ... perhaps if they don't know how to read a contract they should engage their attorney first.

How about individuals hide some info...then complain when don't get the results they want

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How about dealing with customers open and honestly? How about providing a copy of the the three page Master Services Contract to the person and walking through the terms with them?

How about not making promises to people that are not in your contract, when you very well know that people will go off of someone's word rather and don't usually understand the contracts anyway.

Your company is dirty to the core.

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