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We had just aired a tv commercial and then we noticed that people could not call us!! When people called they were told to enter a mailbox number!

It was their voice messaging that had messed up. We lost business because of theis and what really bothered me was the company's insensitive response. Customer service is horrible. I called and asked about how long had to cancel the service and was asked if I had it in writing?

I said I didn't know.

She said that some people get it in writing and if I didn't they wouldn't honor it? This company is a scam!

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#336142 aired a television commercial and provided a toll free number that you failed to call yourself to test and see if in fact it connects to an agent? In that case, you're an ***. I run a call center and I never start providing a call back number to consumers without first calling the number myself multiple times to ensure it works exactly as I want it to.


Were you without service for 2 or 3 days? How do you not know?

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